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China Bank Savings' internet banking channel that allows you to manage your corporate or sole proprietorship accounts online. You can access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet. By logging on to , you can perform balance and transaction inquiries, make transfers and payments, and send requests and instructions to us.


Wide Range of Services
Through China Bank Savings Online, you can manage your China Bank Savings corporate or sole proprietorship accounts more efficiently. You can inquire about your company’s balances, view and print your transaction history and bank statements, as well as perform interbank and intrabank fund transfers.


Convenient and Reliable
Banking anytime, anywhere is now made possible. You can do your banking transactions in the comfort of your office or anywhere in the world.


China Bank Savings Online is designed with the latest and most secure technology available. With 128-bit encryption, all your online banking transactions and instructions are protected.


Features and Benefits


Account Enrollment and Approval                          

Enroll your China Bank Savings corporate accounts in the system for monitoring and transaction purposes.

Transaction History and Mini Statement              

This feature allows your company to inquire the balances of all your enrolled accounts on a real-time basis. A listing of the balances of all enrolled accounts can be viewed, effectively showing your total cash position with the Bank.

Fund Transfers

Your company can perform interbank and intrabank fund transfer transactions between enrolled accounts. The fund transfer is subject to your company’s workflow procedure and will only be effected once acknowledged/approved through your company’s hierarchy. This set up is defined by your company and is used as the basis for processing fund transfers.


This is a delivery mechanism provided in the system to enable you to electronically send your company’s file instructions for appropriate handling of your relationship manager. Uploads can be used as a vehicle to deliver files such as payroll, auto credit and auto debit instructions to the Bank, eliminating costly and unnecessary manual intervention on your part.

Extra Services

Other functionalities necessary for you to have a complete banking experience have been added in the system. These include email correspondence and alerts.