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Easi-Buyout Program

Sa CBS Easi-Buyout Program, you definitely get more!

Transfer your existing APD Salary Loan to China Bank Savings and enjoy 1% cash back incentive.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Open to all new and existing borrowers who wish to have their loans transferred from other private lending institutions or government financial institutions to China Bank Savings (CBS) through buy-out or inward redemption.
  • This only applies to Easi-APD Salary Loan applications acquired through buy-out/take-out arrangement.
  • The borrower/client should apply at participating China Bank Savings branches nationwide. For the full list of participating branches, click here.
  • Regular loan rate and bank charges apply.
  • For every availment of CBS Easi-APD Salary Loan with a buy-out/take-out arrangement, the borrower/client shall be entitled to a cash back of 1% based on the total outstanding balance/s of his/her loan/s with other private lending institution or government financial institution that will be taken out/bought out by CBS.
  • The 1% cash cack is non-transferable and shall be disbursed to the borrower/client once loan is booked, approved and the buy-out/take-out process (payment to provider) are complete.
  • China Bank Savings reserves the right to reject a borrower/client if he/she is unable to meet the conditions set under these terms and conditions.
  • All loan applications are subject to credit evaluation and require the submission of complete documents prior to processing.
Sample Computation

New loan with CBS

Loan amount for buy-out with other bank



Total Loanable Amount

LESS:6% one-time service fee



Net loan proceeds

ADD:1% cash back incentive



TOTAL Loan Proceeds P284,000