ABOUT US  Code of Ethics
China Bank Savings Inc. is governed by the Code of Ethics that reaffirms the moral values which China Banking Corporation, its mother Bank, has been identified with over the years. Every employee has a copy of the Code as a handy reference in maintaining moral principles and ideals of genuine Chinabankers.
The objective of the Code is to ensure that discipline and order are maintained for the Bank's respectable image, to awaken and sustain within the employees a sense of duty and commitment to the virtues of integrity, teamwork, pursuit of excellence, customer focus, concern for our people, fairness and firmness. 
There are twelve (12) major section of the Code, to wit: Honesty, Compliance with Standard Operating Policies and Procedures, Proper Conduct and Behavior, High Moral Standards, Work Responsibilities, Insubordination, Conflict of Interest, Attendance and Punctuality, Office Attire, Wearing of Security Identification Cards, Bank Property and Safety and Security. Under these major sections, specific infractions are enumerated, with the corresponding penalties. The spirit behind the implementation of the Code is the overall intent which is more of prevention of the infraction rather than the administration of the penalty.
Among the other salient features of the Code are its adherence to due process, the summary nature of administrative proceedings and at the same time the need for such relevant evidence as a reasonable mind might accept as adequate to support a conclusion, and uniformity and fairness in the imposition of penalties.