Small Biz Revolving Promissory Note Line 2018-01-17T10:53:07+00:00

Small Biz Revolving
Promissory Note Line

Small Biz Revolving Promissory Note is a loan facility for loans worth PHP10M and below.
Interest is computed only for the amount used. All you need is a Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
or a combo of REM and Deposit Assignment.


a. Duly filled-out Pre-screening Form signed by the originating AO/BM

b. Duly filled-out Application Form signed by the borrower/s

c. Copy of the Official Receipt of Appraisal Fee

d. Copy of valid ID (with photo & signature) of the borrower/s, major shareholders and authorized signatories, if applicable

e. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)

f. Latest two (2) months pay slips

g. Certificate of Employment with Compensation

h. Collateral Documents-REM

  • Copy of OCT / TCT / CCT
  • Updated tax declaration
  • Vicinity Map / Location Plan / Lot Plan
  • Master Deed of Restriction (for Condo units)
  • Building Plans (for Building Construction)
  • Costing of Materials (for Building Construction)