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Revolving Promissory
Note Line

Always have ready cash for purchase, building up inventory, or as a bridge between receivables.

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  • Company Profile
  • Audited Financial Statements (AFS) for the past 3 years Permanent Address
  • COE / Latest Payslip
  • Bank statement from major depository bank/s 3 months for P5MM and below (minimum) / 6 months for above P5MM (only required if AFS was audited by those unaccredited by the BSP/SEC or Pro-forma FS)
  • Latest General Information Sheet / GIS
  • Trade References
  • DTI/SEC Registration
  • Articles & By Laws
  • Board Resolution or Secretary’s Certificate on authorized signatories (only for corporations & partnerships)
  • Government-issued IDs of authorized signatories

Collateral documents as may be required.