Deposit Products

Our deposit products have been designed with your needs in mind, at whatever stage in life you’re in, for your utmost banking experience.

Easi-Save Basic is an ideal starter, interest-earning savings account.
Easi-Save ATM is an interest-earning account with the convenience of a PIN-based ATM card.
Take the first step to saving that first million pesos with CBS My First Million savings account.
Easi-Save for Kids is an interest-earning savings account designed for children aged at least 7 until 12 years old.
US Dollar Savings Account is a US Dollar-denominated savings account that comes with a passbook.

Easi-Checking Basic is an entry-level checking account with low initial deposit requirement.
Easi-Checking is an interest-bearing checking account that comes with an Easi-Save ATM card.
CheckMate All-in-One Check Account is an interest-bearing checking account for the professional or entrepreneur who’s always on the go….

Easi-Earn Time Deposit is a peso-denominated, short-term deposit account with terms of less than one year…
Easi-Earn High Five is a peso-denominated, five-year term deposit account. It has a fixed interest rate and is tax-free.
US Dollar Time Deposit Account is a US Dollar-Denominated short-term deposit account with terms of less than one year…
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